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Basic Universe information

● Space Adventure

● Hyperdrive ancient ships

● all spacecrafts have an ancient ship as a core component

● limited number of spacecrafts

● four species

○ Human

○ Plant

○ Lizard

○ Robot

● Each species has own government

● Hume- imperialistic – permanent -Galactic Fist

● Soleet- no government (commune) – semi-permanent – Sun Searchers

● Largeth – Commune – Nomadic – Universal Commune

● Poto – Freewill collective – Permanent – One

● Personalities

○ Hume – Usually arrogant to everyone but other Humes

○ Soleet – Usually apathetic to everyone not a fan of Humes

○ Largeth – Usually crass but willing to help anyone

○ Poto – Usually serious and blunt, no table manners

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Main Page

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